Study Of Law2

There is something inherently intriguing about the study of law, which is why so many of the best and brightest people in our society decide to become attorneys. From real estate insurance claims austin tx to the study of product liability to the study of the rights of assault victims, the law is incredibly varied in its scope.

Social Change Through The Law

Another aspect of the law that is fascinating is its fluidity. The law is always open to interpretation, which is why so many thoughtful people like to become involved in its practice. Great lawyers and judges have made rulings that have changed our society, and have imparted a new wisdom in looking at certain social issues. The ruling on Brown Vs. Board of Education involved the issue of having separate schools in the south for white and black children. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that it was inherently unfair for children to attend separate schools, as the black children would be at a disadvantage as far as the quality of education they would be receiving. This case is often cited as one of the most historic rulings ever put forth by the Supreme Court, along with the Roe V. Wade ruling, which continues to be controversial to this day.

Truth in the Courtroom

The drama that comes with legal courtrooms has always made them a great source for plays and films, and this drama is another aspect of what attracts students to the law. Some of the greatest dramas in film and theatrical history have been based on actual court cases, including “Inherit the Wind,” “Waiting For Lefty,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” On television, the “Law and Order” series has taken courtroom dramas to a whole new level, and it seems to be utterly unstoppable, as far as storylines goes.

Yes, the law is a fascinating aspect of our society, and there’s no doubt that even as much as modern life evolves, the study of the law will continue to be a popular one, with students and filmgoers too.