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Bayer Healthcare or Healthdare?

What lies behind the motives or large pharmaceutical companies?

Bayer Healthcare, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies is yet again finding itself the target of  Yasmin lawsuits, one wonders how the corporate giant has been able to stay in business. The companies profile has been one of almost consistent and largescale acts of disrepute, the most notable being the time they made a Nazi war criminal their chairman, back in 1956. Though to be fair the extensive human experiments undertaken by Fritz Meer at Auschwitz perhaps made his resume appealing to the Pharmaceutical giant.

Does silence pay off?

It seems the company has been conducting its own human experiments over the past decade with the shocking revelations that its hugely marketed and consumed birth control pill causes serious health damage. Fears over the safety of the Yasmin product have been around since at least 2003, triggering a mess of Yasmin  lawsuits, only two years after it was first launched. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to Bayer telling them that the use of the controversial compound Drospirenone within the Yasmin pills was of no proven benefit. This fact is especially damning given that between 2004 and 2008, 50 individuals had deaths linked to their ingestion of this fourth generation progesterone. Is this is a case of profit before lives?

Yasmin Lawsuits – The fight gains momentum

Bayer Actos lawsuitPlaintiffs from Canada certainly believe so, a large group of women who claim to have been affected by the product are hoping that a Yasmin lawsuit exposes birth control risks. This group of victims are not alone, to date there are 1,100 complaints lodged against Bayer Healthcare regarding the Yasmin product and it’s sister pill Yaz. Considering that in 2008 the FDA contacted Bayer again asking them why no health warnings were featured on their advertisements for the products, one would have thought that some kind of serious action would have been taken. Why has it been left solely to the efforts of victims to initiate privately financed legal proceedings? Is there any point in having oversight of corporate responsibility if it seems only to result in over a decade of inaction?

Doctors should now be extremely wary of any symptoms displayed by patients on the birth control drug, especially if they involve any cardiac related symptoms. Bayer are denying any wrongdoing in relation to this product and claim that Yasmin’s ability to suppress acne makes it uniquely attractive to younger women. They have promised to fight the Yasmin lawsuits with full force in the courts. Given that even back in 2002, the British Medical Journal published a study showing Yasmin & Yaz both caused blood clotting in women it shall be interesting to see what evidence is produced by their defense team.

Worrying trends with the pharmaceutical giants as Yasmin Lawsuits grow

It seems that corporate crime has become an almost accepted fact of life today, perhaps the upcoming trials involved Bayer Healthcare can do something to rectify this terrifying trend of behavior. It is only fitting to begin with a company that has repeatedly released dangerous products over the past decades, indeed the Yasmin & Yaz lawsuits are only the latest in a long line of lawsuits involving Bayer. If the millions of third world farmers poisoned by their unregulated pesticide products had access to the legal system, there would no doubt be many more to add to the list.

Bayer has already paid out nearly $1 billion in compensation to victims of Yasmin to a total of nearly 5000 claimants, with another 1,100 new claimants this year alone it will be interesting to see what becomes of Bayer Healthcare.

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