Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Distracted driving is a factor in many car accidents. Drivers can avoid distractions by staying alert on the road. Here are several things you can do to avoid an accident.

Stay Off Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a modern-day convenience. They can also distract a driver. If you want to keep your focus on the road, you should turn off your phone. It is also a good idea to keep the phone out of your reach. This will help you to avoid responding to a text or phone call. You may think that hands-free devices are a better option. They can also be distracting to the driver. The best solution is to leave the phone in a purse or pocket while you are behind the wheel.

Don’t Drive While Tired

Drunk driving is very dangerous. Studies have shown that drowsy driving can be just as deadly. A sleepy driver can cause an accident on the road. If you are feeling tired while driving, you should pull over. It is better to lose a few minutes of driving time than end up in an accident. When you drive tired, you put other drivers at risk on the road.

Limit Your Passengers

As the driver, you are responsible for everyone in the vehicle. Your passengers should not be a distraction to you. When you have a vehicle full of passengers, you are more likely to engage in conversation. These distractions can cause you to lose focus. If you want to stay fully alert, you may want to limit the people in your vehicle.

Never Multitask In The Car

Some drivers try to multitask on the road. You may have seen someone eating or applying makeup while behind the wheel. These drivers are a danger to themselves and others. Their distracted behavior can cause an accident. If you are running late, you should finish your tasks before heading out. A car should not be the place to multitask other activities.

All these tips can help you to avoid an accident. If you have been in an accident, you can contact an Oregon auto accident attorney.