Delicate Family Law Matters

Most states require both parents of a child to contribute equally to his or her upbringing. Each parent has the obligation of supporting the child financially. Each parent also should play a role in the child’s daily life so he or she has the opportunity to grow up a well-adjusted and well-rounded individual.

However, the law also takes into consideration parents who perhaps are not the best influences in a child’s life. The parent who is most responsible and stable typically is awarded custody of children after a marital breakup or couple split. By hiring a family law mediator, divorce lawyer, or child custody attorney orlando fl parents like you can make your case and demonstrate in court why you would like primary custody or visitation rights.

Making a Clear Cut Argument

It used to be that family law judges typically awarded primary custody of children to their mothers. Moms were thought of as the best option because they were deemed crucial to children’s emotional and mental well-being. Fathers were generally given visitation on the weekends and holidays.

Today, however, family law judges are not so quick to award custody just to moms. Dads are increasingly being given primary physical custody if they can show they can provide a more stable and safer home than the mothers.

Still, you cannot presume to know what your family law judge will think or do in court. You have to be ready to go into the hearing with a clear cut case of why you deserve custody or at least visitation rights. You also must argue for yourself if you want to avoid a steep child support order that you may not be able to pay.

Rather than go into court by yourself, you can get the legal counsel and help with building a case by hiring a skilled attorney. An attorney who practices in this area of law will know what arguments to make in court. You may get the outcome you want and a chance to be an active part in your child’s life by hiring an attorney to represent you.