Expert Witnesses

Using expert witness testimony is an important investment whether taking a case to trial or considering settlement. If you are going to make the decision to use an expert witness, you need to be sure to select the right expert, someone who will enhance your case.

Understanding the background of the expert you are considering is an important first step in the process. Even in the most niche fields, there are experts with specialties in various smaller niches. You want an expert that can provide the expertise targeted to your needs.

Get the expert witness involved in your case as early in the process as possible. In the early stages, it can be difficult to know what direction the case is heading. Involving an expert allows you to see various scenarios and determine how they may play out, and plan for the future. While it is an attorney’s job to know the law, the expert witness knows the industry and can forsee issues that the attorney cannot.

The expert witness should be involved in document review. Many people mistakingly beleive that when using expert witness testimony, the expert is only used in court. Having the expert review documentation is an important use of the expert’s time. The expert is familiar with the type of documentation used in the industry, and can spot irregularities and red flags the attorney may miss.

Using an expert witness is a great way to strengthen a case. Whether using the expert for testimony, help with litigation or document review, the expert is an important part of the process. Bringing on the expert early is valuable whether you are looking at heading to trial or preparing to enter settlement negotiations. Once the decision is made to utilize expert witness testimony, there is no reason to delay consulting with one.